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Kathryn Nance is an 19 year veteran of the Stockton Police Department, spending the previous three years as a Sergeant in the Stockton PDs Community Response Team and now as a member of the Department’s AB109 TaskForce. During her 19 years as a Stockton Police Officer, Kathryn has also served as a Field Training Officer and as a member of both the Department’s Gang and Homicide Units.

She is also in her 3rd year serving as the President of the Stockton Police Officers Association.

Sergeant Nance has helped direct and donate tens of thousands of dollars in much needed school equipment and supplies from the Association to McKinley School.

Her husband, James also serves as an officer with the Stockton Police Department. They have a blended family of four children, ranging in age from 15 to 23. Kathryn is an avid outdoors enthusiast and enjoys activities such as hiking, cycling and kayaking.


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